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Discover a new pathway to excellent results using non-irritant, easy to use and cosmetically elegant products. RejudiCare Synergy System treats the skin and prepares it to optimize the benefits of an anti-wrinkle cream.

This kit contains Retinol SRX, a gel formula containing three forms of Retinol and 2CRM+, a serum containing two forms of Vitamin C.

The results are amazing. Skin can regain its smooth texture, bright tone and vibrant appearance.

Rejudicare Synergy Advanced Stage Skin Repair Kit

  • Store credit only; no cash back.

  • Photo-damage: Moderate to Severe

    Main Concern - Fine lines and wrinkles, Dry, flaky skin, Uneven skin tone, Skin laxity
    Expected results - Softer, smoother skin, Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Clearer, brighter appearance of the skin, Younger looking skin